The power of the mastergroup

Today I attended a webinar with Cory Boatright, organised by James Schramko, and I learnt heaps.  One tip for me was social networking as humble and as marvellous as Charlotte’s web and a great opportunity to participate and add value as part of a community.  Another masterminding, James often talks about the mastergroup he belongs to, Cory Boatright, who is an internet marketer, writer and author, discussed the power of the mastermind group and offered a mastermind servant course to FWF followers.  (He also joined James at FWF2 and the workshop videos are out now and being snapped up). Here is video from Google where he talks about mastermind mindset inspired by Napolean Hill.

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This picture of feline contentment is to remind me and you that we are all in the lifestyle business…

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